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The Best Websites That Will Help You with Your History Homework

Some students love diving into the world of history and all that it can teach us about the past. Others find history considerably less interesting, especially when it comes to memorizing names and dates. History homework is often highly specific, which can make it harder to find online homework help. If you know where to look, however, you will find the answers to your history problems in no time at all.

Websites Hosting Primary Sources (with or without Analyses)
If you have ever had to analyze subjects for my English homework, then you know that primary sources are considered to have more meaning than those that have been analyzed. This is because they offer raw data that has not yet been interpreted. In history, finding primary sources and documents can be easily—it is the analysis part that is challenging. When possible, look for a website that provides the original as well as an explanation. This will give you an opportunity to get an idea of what to expect with the information, without sacrificing the authenticity of the source.

Video Hosting Websites
Some students learn better when they are visually seeing something, rather than reading about it in a book or listening to a lecture. If you find that you are more of a visual learner, look around for videos that describe certain historical circumstances. The major factor to look at is the credibility of the video—try to find information on the creator or the sources that were used. If you are really unsure, read the transcript for the video and fact check some of the information before using it for help.

Tutoring Websites
Have you ever sat to do my math homework and wished that someone was available to answer some questions you had? What about history? Tutoring websites exist for all subjects. While schools do not always provide history tutoring resources, there are likely websites on the Internet that will match you up with educated history students from around the world. Some of these services are offered for free—you could pay it forward by offering your help to a student struggling in an area you are skilled at.

Graphic Organizer Websites
One of the biggest things that students struggle with in history is placing the right events on a timeline. If understanding the timing is your issue, a great homework solver is tools that help you organize the information. There are websites online that will let you build your own graphic organizer using information, which you can use for a study guide. Alternatively, you can grab some markers and a poster board and create your own tool to help you study.

Whether students are struggling with history or need accounting homework help, what truly matters is that they are taking the steps to get the assignments finished that they need to do to succeed. By using the resources above, you will find yourself earning a good grade in history in no time.

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